Lihie Talmor

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Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, in 1944. Receives a B.Sc. in Architecture and Urban Planning in 1969 from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. Completes her B.A. in Poetics and Comparative Literature at the University of Tel-Aviv in 1971 and teaches there until 1974. At the same time, studies painting at the studio of the Israeli painter Pinchas Abramovitch. From 1981 to 1983 studies at the Center of Studies for the Graphic Arts (CEGRA) in Caracas, Venezuela, and painting at Walter Margulis' studio. Since 1984, has worked on art projects, taught and participated in courses in cultural centers and workshops in Italy, Belgium, the United States, Israel, Colombia and Venezuela. Lives and works in Israel and Venezuela in the fields of printmaking, sculpture and photography.


(1993) Horowitz, the Story Teller: cahiers de voyage, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste, Italy; The Artists' House Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel. (prints and sculptures).
(1994) Aguariacuar, The Departure, Sextante Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia , and MACCSI, Sofía Imber Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas, Venezuela. (Artistic book).
(1996) The Creativity of Evil, MACCSI, Sofía Imber Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas, Venezuela. (sculptures and installation).
(2000) Ibiza Graphic Biennial Prize, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ibiza, Spain. (prints).
(2001) Simcha Shirman, Lihie Talmor, Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela, with Israeli photographer Simcha Shirman. (prints and sculptures).
(2004) I was there, but you wont see me, Sephardic Museum at the Blasini Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. (prints, photographs and video).
(2005) Password, Gallery Twenty Four, Tel Aviv. Israel. (prints).
(2006) Dafna Talmor, Lihie Talmor, Pages Espai Di Art, Barcelona, Spain, with Israeli-British photographer Dafna Talmor. (prints and video).

(2006) Neither Inside, nor Outside, Solar Gallery, East Hampton, New York, USA. (prints and video).
(2006) Listening to the Shadows, Seeing them, Kern Museum, Unión Israelita de Caracas, Venezuela. (prints and sculptures).
(2009) Traces of Place, Templarios Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. (prints, works on paper, sculptures end installation).
(2012) Mirar el Olvido, CAF Gallery, (Banco del Desarrollo de America Latina), with French poet and photographer Anne Louyot and Brazilian printmaker Kika Levy. (Artistí Book, prints and photographs).
(2012) MAKOM, G Siete Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela. (prints and photographs).
(2013) Sephardic Museum, Caracas ,Venezuela. (Permanent installation).
(2014) MAKOM, GDEV, Gabinete de Dibujo y Estampa, Valencia, Venezuela. (prints and photographs).
(2015) MAKOM, MACZUL, Zulia Museum of Contemporary Art, Maracaibo, Venezuela. (prints and photographs).

(2015) MAKOM / Miradas Cercanas, MERIDA FOTO, Alianza Francesa, Mérida,
Venezuela. (photographs).
(2015) Collective Memory, Works from the Collection, Coro Museum of Art, Coro, Venezuela. (Works on paper).

(2015) CartografÌas Inquietas/Cartographic Anxieties, Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela. (Prints and Artistís Book).


(1993, 2000) The Sapporo International Printmaking Biennial, Sapporo, Japan.
(1994, 1997) The 5th and 6th Habana Biennial, Cuba.
(1997, 2000) The 5th and 6th International Triennial of Majdanek, State Museum of Majdanek, Lublin, Poland.
(1996 ,1999) The International Exhibition of Graphic Art, Frechen, Germany.
(2001, 2005, 2007, 2011) Trois-Rivieres International Contemporary Print Biennial, Canada.
(2002) Four Directions, One Encounter, Banco Industrial Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela; Fragmento y Universo, CorpGroup Center, Caracas, Venezuela.
(2004) Intimate Sculptures for the Public Space, Banco Provincial Foundation, Caracas, Venezuela.

(2004 and 2005) Impressions II, Artistí House Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.

(2005, 2007) 6th and 7th National Biennial of Plastic Arts of Puerto La Cruz;

Puerto La Cruz Gallery of Modern Art , Venezuela.
(2005) Ile de France 5th International Print Biennial, Versailles, France.
(2005) The 3rd Exxon Mobil Salon, Fine Arts Museum, Caracas, Venezuela.

(2005) Caracas Flash, Video Spaces 2005 Edition, CorpGroup Tower, Caracas, Venezuela.

(2005 and 2006) White coffee: Culture, Migration and Identity, Fine Arts Museum Caracas, Venezuela.
(2006) 6th Art and Science Salon, Simón Bolivar University, Caracas, Venezuela.
(2007) 4th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro, Alijo, Portugal.
(2007) International Print Exhibition Prints Tokyo 2007, Sakima Arts Museum, Okinawa, Japan.
(2008)13th International Print Exhibition R.O.C., Fine Arts Museum Taiwan. R.O.C.
(2008) 2008Culturas, Exhibition of Intercultural Dialog of Short films, Music, photography, Video Art and Net Art, State Society for Cultural Commemoration, Ministry of Culture, Spain.
(2008) The Last Book, Travelling International Project, curated by Luis Camnitzer
(2008) Edmonton Print International 2008, Alberta, Canada.
(2009) 5th Novosibirsk Contemporary Graphics Biennial, State Museum of Novosibirsk, Russia.
(2009) Yozo Hamguchi 100th Anniversary International Print Competition and Exhibition, Hamguchi Yozo Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
(2010) International Print Net, Cracow - Oldenburg - Viena.

(2011) International Print Biennial, Newcastle, UK.

(2011) 1st National Drawing and Prints Biennial, Gabinete de Dibujo y de la Estampa, Valencia, Venezuela.
(2013) International Print Net, Cracow - Oldenburg - Viena - Falun.
(2013) 2nd International Printmaking Prize, FIG Bilbao, Spain.
(2013) Etica, Estetica, Politica, GBG Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.
(2013) 2nd National Drawing and Prints Biennial, Gabinete de Dibujo y de la Estampa, Valencia, Venezuela.
(2014) 4th International Engarving Biennial Aguafuerte, Valladolid, Spain.
(2014) 10th International Biennial of Contemporary Prints, Liege, Belgium.
(2015) 2nd Global Print, Alijo, Portugal.
(2015) 12 Arturo Michelena Prizes, Eladio Alemán Sucre, Culturla Center, Valencia, Venezuela.
(2015) 3rd National Drawing and Prints Biennial, Gabinete de Dibujo y de la Estampa, Valencia, Venezuela.
(2015) LÌnea Fronteriza/Miradas Fotográficas, DíMuseo Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.
(2015) Transformed Moments of Origin, Ivano-Frankivsk Center of Contemporary Art, Ukraine.
(2015) Holger Wendland, The Marble Stairs, Lihie Talmor, The Inconceivable simply Is, Fine Arts Museum, Czernowitz, Ukraine.

(2015) 3rd Exhibition-Contest of Small Graphic Forms and Exlibris, Brest Print Triennial ìWorld and the Wari, Brest Regional Museum, Belarus.

(2015) Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial 2015, Exhibition for the 80th anniversary of the foundation of Tama Art University.
(2016) Invited Artist: 8th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro, and 1st Virtual Biennial, Alijo, Portugal.